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Smoking Kid – Why Is This Thai Anti-Smoking Ad So Effective?

I’m taking a break from being my usual cynical self to post this glorious anti-smoking ad by Ogilvy Thailand.



What can we learn from this ad?

1. People are suckers for children.

It’s primal. We’re hardwired to zoom in on those big eyes, listen, and empathize.

2. Tug on heart strings.

Warm a heart. Break a heart. Make someone feel guilty. Make someone feel excited. Just make them feel.

3. Break barriers.

Your “ad” doesn’t have to be a one-directional scripted message. Think about how you can move beyond traditional formats.

4. Reality stops people in their tracks.

Fictional stories, no matter how poignant, fall flat compared to the real thing. (If this ad were a wholly fictional piece with a child admonishing his father, would it have been anywhere near this poignant and engaging?)


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