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Best Marriage Equality PSAs Ever!

Are these the best gay marriage PSAs ever?

Damn straight they are!

This new PSA by Get Up in Australia stole the trophy from my previous favourite. Watch the champion:



Why is it so effective?

It humanizes a sometimes polarizing issue. Viewers see the ups and downs of a relationship that could just as easily be their own. The video is touching and intimately familiar – from the heartwarming moments of new love and life’s typical celebrations, to the heartbreak of events like the death of one partner’s mother to the everyday domestic normalcy like supermarket trips


The PSA plague: what not to do

PSAs unfortunately suffer as some of the worst conceived communications in the advertising industry. Often they preach to the choir. Or they’re just preachy. They fail to form any human, emotional connection with the target audiences at which they are theoretically aimed.

Advertisers and advocates for all issues: take a look at these ads that do it right.


Something to relate to

My previous favourite, and still a very close second, is this cheeky 2010 Saatchi & Saatchi PSA starring straight actor Justin Long and Mike White. Watch their video for



(Get Up PSA via Unicorn Booty: If You Don’t Marry Him, We Will! Australia’s Awesome Marriage Equality Video)

(Make Homosexuals Marry via  Adweek: The 50 Gayest Ads Ever)


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