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Pitcher or Catcher? Write in the Active Voice.

Copywriters, do you pitch or do you catch? Do you dominate your copy with active verbs, or do you let your pages languish with the passive voice?

Active verbs energise your copy. You know it. You should know it. You should always write with this fundamental tactic bursting through in each line of your copy. But sometimes we forget.

Good writers automatically use the active voice as they’re drafting. Try to cultivate this habit in yourself; soon it will become second nature. Even if you have developed this habit, and especially if you haven’t, make checking for passive sentences part of your editing repertoire.

Keep those to be verbs and passive constructions to a bare minimum. How? Simply rewrite your sentences with active verbs – the more active, the better. Did Kelis tell you, “My milkshake is delicious”? No, sir. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Make your products active. Empower them with a life of their own. Make them dance, climb, explode.

Follow the three tactics below to pump some life into your copywriting:


1. Minimize -ing adjectives

Our widgets are the leading widgets in the industry. → Our widgets lead the industry.


2. Exile to be verbs

Our woozoos are delicious. Our woozoos dance on your tastebuds.


3. Kick your subject; promote a new one

Our woozoos are preferred by nine out of ten mothers. → Nine out of ten mothers prefer our woozoos.


Should you ever use the passive voice? Yes. Rarely, but copywriters can sometimes use the passive voice to great effect. Look out for our future post on Power Bottoms.



Our post on passive voice copywriting tips is now live. Click on the link to read about these special tactics.


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  1. Samantha Gluck
    September 20, 2011

    Great post! I can’t tell you how many requests from people hoping to submit guest posts to Medtopicwriter that can’t seem to craft their initial request in active voice, much less the submission itself. It drives me crazy. I have to turn them down, or I’d spend hours editing all of them for active voice.