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Birth. The Sticky Kind.

Copywriting Tips: The Belligerent Copywriters’ Guide is born. This calls for a toast.

I’m in the mood to go Russian style and smash my glass in celebration. But I’m drinking from the bottle, and wasting all that liquor would be a tragedy.

Plus the clients are nowhere to be seen. Throwing bottles is so much more fun when the clients are within hitting distance.

I’ve poured 8 big must-know copywriting tips from my brain into pixels. You can find them in the main menu from the homepage.

Read them. Make love to them. Roll around in their feathers while naked and covered in honey so you can turn yourself into a grand, elegant copywriting swan and become the envy of your co-workers.

I’ve also created a small grammar and punctuation guide for copywriters – though really it applies to writers of all persuasions. Like underwear, it covers the key areas. I will probably return to it occasionally and clothe it in some more lessons.

The Latest Posts column will be dedicated to additional copywriting tricks, news, recommendations, and key copywriters’ resources – like cocktail recipes and craftily worded insults.


B. Ligerent

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